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Hello my name is Scottia Judkins . I opened Kountry Kids in 2005.  I have had the privilege meeting and teaching a variety of children and families. I have learned so much from each child that has stepped through my door. The memories, funny stories and lessons learned by each child has been an amazing experience.  I have the most amazing job there is.  I get paid to play and I get told all day how much I am loved. What more can a person ask for!  I have achieved my Child Development Association (CDA) credential and I am working on my Associates Degree.  My husband, Tyler Judkins is a co-teacher with me . His attributes to the program are getting the kids wound up and having fun. He is Ty the Science Guy. He likes to teach the kids and gets to make a mess. He will build or set up all the projects that I find on pintrest without much complaining haha.  My husband and I both continue our education on a yearly basis to better ourselves for the children's education.  We have two amazing boys Cody, and Austin.  My children have grown up in our daycare and have enjoyed playing with the kids throughout the years . We are a daycare family.  At Kountry Kids we are an extension of your family and ours.  The children play together, eat together, and even argue at moments like siblings.  We have learned a lot from books and classes. Every child is a unique person who needs individual attention, treatment, love and care.  We believe that children can learn through play, positive guidance, and love .  Children are like flowers: if nurtured, loved, and cared for, they will flourish into beautiful flowers.